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Mexican Culture 

Going back hundreds of years, the people of Mexico’s culture is built upon strong values and given the world some of the most celebrated musicians and artists of all time. The impact Mexican Americans have had on our culture is immense and as such help to shape our national conversation. Below you will find key terms, statistics, and other useful tools to understand and talk about Mexican Culture. If you would like to know more, consider coming to an IYC event. Our next one can be found below in the section labeled Our Events. We host them virtually, on a wide range of topics, discussing policy, civics, and current events. 

Key Terms You Should Know


Offerings placed on a home altar during the annual Día de Muertos celebration.


A 15th birthday celebration & rite of passage signifying a girl's journey from childhood to adulthood.


A term used to describe citizens of Mexico who share a mixture of European & Amerindian heritage.

Dia de los muertos:

A traditional Mexican holiday celebrated on 11/2 each year. Aka Day of the Dead because souls of the dead are believed to visit family members. Alters are built to welcome and honor them.

Mesoamerican Civilization:

The varied indigenous cultures that developed in Mexico & Central America before Spanish exploration & conquest. These include Maya, Zapotec, Totonac, Teotihuacán, Mexica (aka Aztecs), & Olmec, Mexico's first major civilization.

Mexican dolls on display

Moments In History

1517-1521 - European conquistadors arrive.

December 17, 1992 - Adoption of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

2008 - U.S. & Mexico's Merida Initiative to work cooperatively against drug cartels & crime.

1910-1920 - Mexican Revolution & establishment of the Mexican Constitution.

2000 - End of Mexico's one-party rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party.


Mexico is the 10th most populous country in the world, with over 128 million people.

78% of Mexicans identify as Catholic.

11% of all U.S. restaurants are Mexican, the most popular ethnic food in the U.S.

Spanish is spoken by 93.8% of the Mexican population.

Ethnic Groups

62% Mestizo

28% Indigenous Central American

10% European Ancestry




Colorful Shrine to the Virgin Mary



Strong Work Ethic

Notable Names

Carlos Slim
Frida Kahlo
Guillermo del Toro
Juan Gabriel
Selena Quintanilla-Perez GettyImages-114742095.jpg

Carlos Slim

Frida Kahlo

Guillermo del Toro

Juan Gabriel




Mexican Flag.png
Multi-Generational Family.jpg
La_Llorona_(2021) by ViCee25.jpg

Our Events



Further Resources

Mexican Culture Infographic

Share what you have learned about Chinese Culture. Our Infographic has been designed to be shared easily by printing, emailing, or posting on social media. Click on the image to view or download the PDF File. (Not for commercial use.)

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Celebrate & Create Event Video

Our crafting event for kids was lots of fun! Use your own materials to participate in our craft project. Watch the video to learn how to make your own Ofrenda! You can also make an event out of it by hosting your own Celebrate & Create: Mexican Culture crafting party. Feel free to share this video with others! (Not for commercial use.) 

Take Action

Colorful mexican figurines

Listen to traditional Mexican music genres: banda, mariachi, norteño, & ranchera.

Mexican food laid out on table

Enjoy authentic Mexican food at a local restaurant.

Hands Unity Friendship

Commit to a weekly act that helps you understand & celebrate Mexican culture.

Dia de los Muertos figures

Celebrate a Mexican national holiday.

Friends sitting together

Share our Mexican Culture Infographic with friends, family, and anyone and everyone you think would appreciate becoming more informed!

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