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Much To Discuss 

In Much-to-Discuss events, professional peers mingle and learn about a social issue amidst the backdrop of various entertainment activities including scavenger hunts, bingo, and other activities. In Much-to-Discuss  events, attendees engage in facilitator-led discussion about the a specific issue. The Much-to-Discuss program allows attendees to learn about important social issues with fun activities and games while networking with peers. All our events are geared towards entertainment, education, and analysis with a growth mindset. The social issues are based on topics such as remote learning and work, productive discourse, LGBTQ+ pride, and small business. Similar to our other programs, Much-to-Discuss combines an entertaining activity with important social issues in the events. 
Click here to suggest any social issue topics that you’d be interested to see! 

What to expect at Much-to-Discuss events?

It's a Game Night with Networking at the same time! 

  • Much-to-Discuss events are focused on topics you care about most. This programs allows for conversation, jokes, and all kinds of fun to ensue while you play your game. on occasion, game winners may even receive prizes.

  • You will be able to interact with other attendees throughout the game while you learn about important issues. Typically an event involves two games and these may or may not include breakout rooms to facilitate a smaller space conducive to networking. Our facilitator-led games are done on Zoom. Some discussions may have zoom breakout room to allow more interactive discussions.


  • All of our Much-to-Discuss events are virtual and FREE to attend! 


  • To sign up for our upcoming events, you can click here or go to Eventbrite.

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Gyles Brandreth

Former Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom

"Playing games can contribute to making you happy, perhaps even without therapy."

Kojima Hideo

Japanese Video Game Designer

"Games shouldn't only be fun. They should teach or spark an interest in other things."

Harvey Mackay

American Businessman

"My Golden Rule of Networking is simple: Don't keep score."

Discussion Points from Program Attendees


Much-to-Discuss FAQ

What is Much-to-Discuss? 

Professional peers mingle and learn about a social issue amidst the backdrop of various entertainment activities including scavenger hunts, bingo, and other activities.


Who can attend the Much-to-Discuss events?

All our events are open to adults and children accompanied by adults.


Are the Much-to-Discuss events kids-friendly?

We expect only adults at these events. Any supervised children who come may not be a great fit for the event.


How do I sign up for Much-to-Discuss event?

You can sign up on our site or on Eventbrite.


When and where are the Much-to-Discuss events located? 

All events are virtual. Our events are on Thursdays from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm EST.


What do I need to do to attend the event?

All you need is to sign up on Eventbrite or our site and you will receive instructions and links for the event!


How much do the events cost? 

All Inform Your Community events including Popcorn & Chat events are free to attend. 


What kind of movies do Much-to-Discuss stream? 

The movies are relevant to specific social issues. We keep our genres pretty broad when doing our research. They are all kid-friendly though parents are advised to check parent guides on their own to determine whether to allow their children to attend.


Are Much-to-Discuss events virtual or in-person?

Popcorn & Chat events are virtual. 


What do Much-to-Discuss events entail?

Attendees participate in fun games in the comfort of their own hole. The games and the issue are discussed. 


Where does the post-movie discussion take place? 

The discussion takes place on Zoom or Google Meet. The link to Zoom is shared in the live-stream chat box. The Google Link will also be shared if needed.


Can I suggest event topics and social issues? 

Yes! We are open to suggestions. Click here to fill out our interest survey. 


How can I learn more about other event topics and social issues? 

Visit our Get Informed page to learn about other social issues we have discussed at our events. 


How do I support Inform Your Community? 

Your support is invaluable to us! Click here to learn more about how to support us and donate. 


How do I find out more about Inform Your Community?

For additional FAQ questions about Inform Your Community click here.


Special Guests 

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Jenny Rustemeyer

Special guests
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