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About Craftivism

Are you an adult looking to tackle new art techniques and don't know where to begin? Look no further! Inform Your Community has just what you are looking for!
Registering for Craftivism events with Inform Your Community means you will immerse yourself in the application of a creative technique blended with your artistic imagination!
Our Craftivism events are all online and offered on Thursdays from 6:30pm - 7:30pm EST. These events allow you to be part of a community of like-minded people all looking to expand their resources and bring out their inner artist. Does this sound amazing but wish you had a social fun group of people to 'art' with? We can absolutely help! At Inform Your Community, you always have a fun community working together during an event.
During each event, we will work alongside each other as a group, to learn each technique step by step, using professional materials and tools, to create a project. You will have a beautiful work of art that you created to show family and friends, and also learn about important topics facing our world today. Check out previous issues we have discussed! Look for upcoming Craftivism events! Watch our past Craftivism event videos!
Each technique you learn provides you with skills that enable you to make future projects.
No need to shop! The materials for each event are conveniently mailed right to your door after signing up. And, the event, the materials, and shipping are FREE!
Click here to suggest any social issue topics that you’d be interested to see! 

What to expect at Craftivism events?

Crafting for adults!

  • At Craftivism events, you’ll join a community of crafters learning art techniques through hands-on fun projects with free materials while also learning about important issues!

  • After signing up for a free virtual Craftivism event, you will receive a free package in the mail shipped free that contains all the materials needed to create the project.  

  • On the day of the event, you will receive an email from Eventbrite letting you know the link is live. After connecting through the link, the event will begin promptly at 6:30pm. Eventbrite requires you to sign in to access the event link.

  • At the event, a member of the Inform Your Community team will guide you step by step to create the work of art for that event’s specific project. There will be a completed project on display that you will be able to follow along with. But, to suit your preferences, style, and inner artist’s vision, you will be able to adapt your particular art project as desired while you learn the technique

  • While learning the art technique the event’s co-facilitators will also discuss the event’s topic using Inform Your Community’s curriculum. Check out the curriculum for our previously discussed issues at our Get Informed pages

Dream catcher haning in sunlight
Albert Einstein
Pablo picasso
Yoko Ono
Albert Einstein

German Physicist

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Pablo Picasso

Spanish Artist

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary"

Yoko Ono

Japanese Multimedia Artist

"Art is my life and my life is art.

Special guests

Special Guests 

Keith Newhouse

Keith Newhouse

Keith Newhouse of the Newhouse Creative Group discussed by his children's book My Tio's Pulse about the Orlando Pulse nightclub murders. 


Keith and Inform Your Community are likeminded because we both find the best way to discuss difficult topics while also being engaging and entertaining! Check out the Craftivism event on LGBTQ+ Pride facilitated by Keith here


Apparently it runs in the family, because his father Mark Newhouse co-facilitated our Jewish Culture Celebrate & Create event!

Craftivism FAQ

Who can attend Craftivism events?
Due to the nature of curriculum content and materials used, Craftivism events are for adults only.

How do I register for Craftivism events?
You can register to attend Craftivism events on the Events page on the Inform Your Community website or on Eventbrite.

When and where do Craftivism events take place?
All of our events are virtual and take place no more than once a month on a Thursday. For specific dates and times, please visit the Events page on our website.

Is there a fee to participate in Craftivism events?
There are no fees. All of Inform Your Community events are FREE. For Craftivism events, craft mterials are also free and they are shipped to your door for free. You must register at least one full week in advance from the event date in order to be shipped a kit. 


What if I miss the deadline to receive the craft kit?

No problem! You can participate at home using your own materials, which will be noted on the event description and mentioned in the event video. 

What happens if I register for an event and I’m unable to attend? If you register for a Craftivism event and are unable to attend, no worries. The events are recorded and posted on our website for viewing. You will also receive a post event email that will have a video of the event and infographic of our curriculum on the issue. You will still receive the craft kit as long as you register one week in advance for the event. You can follow along with the craft materials mailed to you even if you watch the event on YouTube afterwards. Please feel free to still register and join the live group for some fun. You will be able to learn the technique and complete the project with your own materials at home. 


What if I missed the event entirely?

Videos of all of our events are available on YouTube. Plus, if you register for the event, regardless of if you are able to attend, we will send you the video and our infographic on the issue that was discussed at the event in a post-event email!
Do I need to purchase any materials to participate in Craftivism events?
All materials are provided by Inform Your Community at no cost. That means FREE craft materials and FREE shipping. Because the kits are mailed to you, please make sure you sign up early to ensure that you receive your materials on time. Please make sure you sign up at least a week before the event to receive a craft kit.

What if I registered and have not received my materials in the mail?
If you registered at least a week in advance for the event and did not receive your package, rest assured it is on the way. It is possible, however, due to circumstances outside of our control, that you may not receive your kit in time for the event. If all else fails, you can still join in the event as you will still be able to have fun as a group, learn the technique, and complete the project with your own materials from home. And remember, you will all receive the post email that will have video of the event. Also, you will be able to make future projects on your own after mastering the new art technique you will learn. 

Will I be able to make additional crafts after the event?
Absolutely! Once you register for the event, your kit will come with the materials to create the specific project. Whether you attend the event live, or follow the post video on YouTube, you will be learning a specific skill that will enable you to make future projects on your own with your own supplies. 

Can I view past Craftivism Events?
Absolutely! For past events go to the Events page on our website to see our past event topics, go to our Get Informed pages to see events for specific issues, or view our past events on our YouTube channel.

Who runs Craftivism programs?

The wonderful Stacey LaCarrubba is our Craftivism Program Director. Email to reach out to Stacey about Craftivism programing.

Can I suggest event topics and social issues?
Yes! We are open to suggestions. Click here to fill out our Interest Survey.

How can I learn more about other event topics and social issues?
Visit our Get Informed page on the Inform Your Community website to learn about other social issues we have discussed at our events.

How do I support Inform Your Community?
Your support is invaluable to us! Click onto our Take Action page to learn more about how to support us including how to volunteer or donate.

How do I find out more about Inform Your Community?
For our FAQ about Inform Your Community click here


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