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"It was fun to make the different layers of colors and to put the flowers through them."

- Anya, Age 7


Inform Your Community seeks to foster a more informed electorate. Our programs are for those who thirst for information about current events and political issues but who also demand authentic entertainment experiences. We provide high yield entertainment and information value in each of our free programs designed especially for busy people - many of whom work long or irregular hours, care for dependents, and have stressful positions. This allows for a maximization of their time by being twice as productive both having fun and becoming informed through our programs.

Popcorn & Chat

Clapperboard with Popcorn

Attendees watch a social issue focused movie and engage in facilitator led discussion about the implications of the ideas addressed in the movie.

Know-It-All Series

Ancient Books

The audience enjoys listening to a subject matter expert discussing topics related to the four C's of civics, civic engagement, civility, and civil rights followed by a Q & A.


Young people sitting at a cafe table

Professional peers mingle and learn about a social issue amidst the backdrop of various entertainment activities including scavenger hunts, bingo, and other activities.

Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping

Shoppers browse branded items and handmade goods packaged with beautifully curated infographics related to important social issues.

Celebrate & Create

Child with colorful makeup

Children engage in unique craft projects inspired by inclusive monthly celebration themes.


Craftstable with tools

Adults learn different art techniques while discussing relevant social issues and leave each event with a complete project.

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