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of participants reported that they learned something they didn’t already know at our event. Would you say that about the last webinar or meeting you attended?


of participants were very likely or likely to share something they heard at our event with someone else so they can learn about this issue. Imagine wanting to talk to someone about political and social issues!


of participants were very likely or likely to recommend our event to a friend. Phew! That's good news for us! And good news for you because our online events are free!


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Seeking subject matter experts, nonprofit partners, and corporate sponsors for our upcoming events. Don't be shy. 

Reach out to us at


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Thanks to Wendy Wetherall of TWCPSA's pro bono work our radio PSA aired nationally over 9,000 times on 128 radio stations in 25 states across the country, a $172,856 value in free radio advertisement. UPDATE: As of 10/20/22 Our IYC PSA has aired on 139 radio stations!


We are grateful to have amazing co-facilitators to help with our 22-23 fiscal year programming.

Facilitators are subject-matter experts, professionals, or nonprofit leaders who help us explore important issue at our events. 

Mark Newhouse.jfif

Mark Newhouse,

Author, My Family Secret: The Holocaust

Edy Penn.jfif

Edy Penn, HR & DEIA Consultant, Penn Squared Consulting

Jessica Mayer.jfif

Lois Schaffer, Author, The Unthinkable: Life, Loss, and a Mother's Mission to Ban Illegal Guns

Sanae Elmoudden.jfif

Sanae Elmoudden, Associate Professor, St. John's University

Keith Newhouse.jfif

Keith Newhouse, Author, My Tio's Pulse

Erica Miller.jfif

Erica Miller, Psychologist & Director, Successful School Transitions

Karthi Veeramani.jfif

Karthi Veeramani, Senior Manager, Operations, EdReports

Lois Schaffer.jpg

Lois Schaffer, Author, The Unthinkable: Life, Loss, and a Mother's Mission to Ban Illegal Guns

Heidi Feldman.jfif

Heidi Feldman, Associate Professor, Northeastern University

Wendiann Alfieri.jfif

Wendiann Alfieri, Author, Almost: A Journey through Poems

Ling Liang.jfif

Ling Liang, Professor, LaSalle University

Mark Monroe,

Site Supervisor, Urban Pathways

Alberto Gonzalez.jpg

Alberto Gonzalez, Professor, Bowling Green State University

Jacob Levy.jfif

Jacob Levy, 

Neurodivergent Career Coach, Special Educator & Speaker,

Laura Laria.jfif

Laura M. Laria,

Credentialed Addictions and Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor

Mark Monroe,

Site Supervisor, Urban Pathways


Inform Your Community Founder and CEO Anastacia (Stacey) Kurylo appeared in a recent podcast about the importance of discussing controversial topics and whether there is hope for the future with Charles Cormier and his amazing series called Founders Wisdom.

Founder and CEO Anastacia (Stacey) Kurylo was a featured speaker, along with other nonprofit leaders, at Taproot Foundation's Voting Rights event showcasing Inform Your Community’s important civic engagement work and discussing the ways every person can take action in support of this critical topic. 

Anastacia (Stacey) Kurylo, Inform Your Community's Founder and CEO, was interviewed for a new book called Virtual Presenting: A Guide to Formats, Production and Authentic Delivery by Jamie Cohen and Michael Sorrentino. This state of the art book provides a guide in which "success stories and case studies from teachers, students, and professionals are interwoven to show how these guidelines translate into best practices."


AT&T Volunteers
Stuyvesant High School volunteers

In June 2022, the fantastic Kim Ho and her eight wonderful colleagues at AT&T volunteered with Inform Your Community to make 793 craft kits! We expected 800 people to enjoy our events in our 22-23 programming year with no more than 50 people registering for each event. By mid year we exceeded that registration record and even nearly hit 200 registrants at some of our events! 

In May & June 2023, students from Stuyvesant High School committed to volunteering for three sessions after school with Inform Your Community. So far eight students joined us! Thanks to these amazing students we will have made over 2000 craft kits to send out for free to registrants for our Celebrate & Create children's crafting and Craftivism adult crafting events in our 23-24 programming year. 


"I'm one of the people who think that we can all make a difference at our very personal level and help shape our democracy. A lot of the people who vote for extremes are frustrated and blinded by it so they can't see all the facts. It's our responsibility to educate them on what is really going on and then let them make up their minds. Presented peacefully with hard facts, they can have a real choice. Having a conversation with one person will make that person carry the conversation over to friends of theirs who share the frustration, and slowly, your explanations are spreading. That's why Inform Your Community's work is really crucial. It's about empowering people with information vs propaganda and educating them. What they choose to do is theirs but you have tried. At least, I do, all the time."

- Liva Judic

Executive Coach & Advisor

"What is needed today, yet what is most sadly lacking in our religious communities, our families, our neighborhoods, and the body politic is the capacity to listen to one another with an open mind and an empathetic heart, and the skill to engage in civil conversation with those with whom we disagree. Inform Your Community can help one acquire the tools necessary to facilitate these sometimes difficult conversations – while having fun. If you are both conversation and fun averse steer away. Otherwise, Inform Your Community could be just what you’re looking for."

- Rev. Dr. Anthony (Tony) Ercolano

"It fills my heart to see how much work Inform Your Community has done. It is truly phenomenal to see the wonderful work of every board member, their faces, the diversity, and it's empowering to see a board like that. I am thankful for Inform Your Community. I am thankful I was invited. Stacey's speech was poignant. There's more that connects us than disconnects us and it's the unknown that we fear and the ambiguity that's feared, but once those are clarified there's really no resistance to change. I appreciate you and the work that you do."

- Karthi Veeramani

Nonprofit Professional


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