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About Celebrate & Create

In Celebrate & Create, children engage in unique craft projects inspired by inclusive monthly celebration themes. These craft projects are based on social issues, which are discussed at the event. These events allow children to learn entry level and age appropriate information about a topic in a safe and inclusive environment. Our goal is to share impactful information through fun, free, accessible, and meaningful activities. Typically, one Celebrate & Create event is held each month. Examples of social issues we discuss include LGBTQ+ Pride, Citizenship, Food Waste, etc. Similar to our other programs, Celebrate & Create combines an entertaining activity with important social issues in the events. We look forward to your participation!
Click here to suggest any social issue topics that you’d be interested to see! 

What to expect at Celebrate & Create?

Like a virtual classroom, but FUN!

  • With Celebrate & Create, you’ll be part of a community where children can create while learning about new topics together. Children are able to voluntarily interact by commenting and asking questions as well as showing off their craft projects.

  • Our events create a safe space for children to make their voices heard by expressing their opinions on different topics.


  • What’s great about our events is that they are inclusive, and everyone is welcome. It gives children the opportunity to learn new skills and have fun while broadening their knowledge of important issues.

  • When joining our events, children become part of a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community.

  • ALL of our events are virtual and FREE! Craft materials are provided for FREE and shipping is FREE!


green craft table with scissors and paint brushes
Georgia O’Keeffe
Henry David Thoreau

American Writer

"It's not WHAT you look at that matters, it's what you see." 

Georgia O’Keeffe

American Artist

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.”

Roy Lichtenstein

American Artist

“Art doesn’t transform. It just plain forms.”

Henry David Thoreau
Roy Lichtenstein

Hear from Program Attendees!

"The craft was very fun! The kit allowed for creativity for kids to custom design the final project and the class taught about the difficulty of having a small business."

"I loved the event. I think it was a great concept. Teach about practical ideas while keeping it fun." 

"Enjoyable and unique allowing you to get creative with unlimited possibilities while learning in a fun way!" 

Light Bulb Poster
Art Class

Celebrate & Create FAQ

Who can attend Celebrate & Create events?

Children are welcome to attend and participate in Celebrate & Create events with their guardian(s). 


How do I register for Celebrate & Create events?

You can register to attend on the Events page on our website or on Eventbrite.


When and where do Celebrate & Create events take place?

All of our events are virtual and take place once a month on a Saturday. For specific dates and times, please visit the Events page on our website.


Is there a fee to participate in Celebrate & Create events?

There are no fees. All of our events are FREE. Craft materials are provided for FREE and shipping is FREE!


Do I need to purchase any materials to participate in Celebrate & Create events?

All materials are provided by Inform Your Community at no cost. Free craft kits are mailed for free to all those who register at least one full week before the event date. Though we stock up on our kits to make sure we have enough for everyone, it is possible that we can run out. So please make sure you sign up early to make certain that you receive your materials on time and before they run out.

What if I register for a Celebrate & Create event within a week of the event?

Don't worry! We have you covered. Typically, event descriptions will specify the craft supplies that you can use for the event so that you can procure these on your own in advance. Most of these materials will be items you can find in your own home so that your child can easily make a version of the event's craft from home. If you don't get a chance to find these in advance, time will be allotted during the event for you to gather these from around your home. 


What happens if I register for a Celebrate & Create event and I’m unable to attend?

If you are unable to attend, no worries. The events are recorded and accessible on our YouTube page here. We will also send a post-event email after within the week after the event with out event video and infographic. You can watch the video later at your convenience.

How does a Celebrate & Create event work?

When you and your child come to the event, you will partake in the event's craft while also learning about the event's discussion topic or issue. A co-facilitator will usually work with our crafter to introduce the curriculum in an age appropriate way. For much of the topics we cover, you will be able to find our curriculum online in advance of the event at our Get Informed page. This curriculum will be curated for each Celebrate & Create event to be age appropriate and to fit within the one hour event timeframe along with the craft. 

Can I suggest event topics and social issues?

Yes! We are open to suggestions. Click here to fill out our interest survey.


How can I learn more about other event topics and social issues?

Visit our Get Informed page to learn about other social issues we have discussed at our events.


How do I support Inform Your Community?

Your support is invaluable to us! Click here to learn more about how to support us and donate.


How do I find out more about Inform Your Community?

For our FAQ about Inform Your Community click here.


Special Guests 

Mark Newhouse

Mark Newhouse

Mark Newhouse discussed his amazing book, The Family Secret: The Holocaust, and family's history as survivors of the Holocaust while we learned about Jewish Culture. During the event he took a moment to speak about famous Jewish people in American history. 


Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the first Jewish woman to sit on the Supreme Court, the highest court in the Judicial branch of the American government. She served from 1993-2020. Louis Dembitz Brandeis was the first Jewish man to sit on the Supreme Court. He served much earlier from 1916-1939. 

Attendees learned a lot about Jewish culture while they made their own colorful menorah candle. Watch this event, make the craft with your home materials, and learn about Jewish culture here.

Special guests
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