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Inform Your Community knows time is valuable. To help people make the most of it, we pack our time maximized events with great entertainment and important relevant impactful proprietary curriculum. Our free events focus on the important topics, social problems, and political issues people want to know more about.



Interest Areas

Inform Your Community gets back to the basics of important issues. Our 4C curriculum provides information that gets you the need-to-know foundational knowledge that no one ever taught you and that you haven’t had a chance to research yourself related to civics, civic engagement, civility, and civil rights.

Inform Your Community lays the foundation of a broad range of cluster areas topics:
  • Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Undeserved Populations
  • Government and Election Reforms
  • Military and Defense
  • Gun Safety 
  • Civility, Ethics, and Values
  • Education, Research, and Technology  
  • Business and the Economy
  • Environmental Protection
  • Crime, Law, and the Judicial System
  • Federal Budget and the Tax System 
  • Social Safety Net
Image by Lukas Blazek
If there is an issue or topic we haven’t covered yet that you would like to see here, please complete our Interest Survey. Help us determine future events. It takes two minutes to give us your two cents!
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