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Thanks to Wendy Wetherall of TWCPSA's pro bono work our radio PSA aired nationally over 9,000 times on 128 radio stations in 25 states across the country, a $172,856 value in free radio advertisement.

UPDATE: As of 10/20/22 Our IYC PSA has aired on 139 radio stations!



Inform Your Community Founder and CEO Anastacia Kurylo appeared in a recent podcast about the importance of discussing controversial topics and whether there is hope for the future.



Inform Your Community has an impact:

"What is needed today, yet what is most sadly lacking in our religious communities, our families, our neighborhoods, and the body politic is the capacity to listen to one another with an open mind and an empathetic heart, and the skill to engage in civil conversation with those with whom we disagree. Inform Your Community can help one acquire the tools necessary to facilitate these sometimes difficult conversations – while having fun. If you are both conversation and fun averse steer away. Otherwise, Inform Your Community could be just what you’re looking for."

- Rev. Dr. Anthony (Tony) Ercolano

"I'm one of the people who think that we can all make a difference at our very personal level and help shape our democracy. A lot of the people who vote for extremes are frustrated and blinded by it so they can't see all the facts. It's our responsibility to educate them on what is really going on and then let them make up their minds. Presented peacefully with hard facts, they can have a real choice. Having a conversation with one person will make that person carry the conversation over to friends of theirs who share the frustration, and slowly, your explanations are spreading. That's why Inform Your Community's work is really crucial. It's about empowering people with information vs propaganda and educating them. What they choose to do is theirs but you have tried. At least, I do, all the time."

- Liva Judic, Executive Coach & Advisor

"It fills my heart to see how much work Inform Your Community has done. It is truly phenomenal to see the wonderful work of every board member, their faces, the diversity, and it's empowering to see a board like that. I am thankful for Inform Your Community. I am thankful I was invited. Stacey's speech was poignant. There's more that connects us than disconnects us and it's the unknown that we fear and the ambiguity that's feared, but once those are clarified there's really no resistance to change. I appreciate you and the work that you do."

- Karthi Veeramani



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