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Chinese Culture [insert SEO text]

Key Terms You Should Know


Mandarin Chinese characters elevated to art through calligraphy; also popular as decoration on clothing, artwork, & tattoos.


A stone popularly used in jewelry and art as a symbol of prosperity, preciousness, beauty among other meanings.

Hongbao (Mandarin), Lai See
(Cantonese), Ang Pow (Hokkien):

Red envelopes with money symbolizing best wishes & good luck traditionally given to friends & family for celebrations, most familiarly Lunar New Year.

Feng Shui:

Ancient Chinese art of arranging space, buildings, & objects in an environment to achieve harmony & balance.

Dim Sum:

Traditional Chinese meal made up of
small plates, dumplings, and snack
foods, usually served with tea.
Sometimes imprecisely used to refer to
the dumplings themselves.


Moments In History

2100-1600 B.C. - Chinese history begins with the Xia Dynasty, the 1st dynasty in China.

1882 - The Chinese Exclusion Act was the first and only law to essentially forbid an entire ethnic group from entering the United States.

11/17/2022 - Sherry Chen, a Chinese American hydrologist, won a settlement of $1.8M against the U.S. government for wrongful prosecution & dismissal from her job at the National Weather Service.

770 B.C. - A key period in Chinese Civilization, the age of Confucius, Daoism, and legalism, marked by war and advances in philosophy, science, agriculture, and literature.

1990 - President George H. W. Bush designates May as Asian American month.



of all Chinese/English Dual Language Immersion Programs in the United States are in Utah.

3.5 million

households in the United States speak Chinese at home.

77% increase in hate crimes against Asian people living in the U.S. from 2019 to 2020 documented by the FBI. From 3/2020 - 3/2022 the # of self-reported anti-AAPI hate incidents in the U.S. was 11,500


different methods of Chinese cooking. The 8 most popular are Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Szechuan,

& Zhejiang.

0 --> 10

Kung Fu traditionally did not have belt levels. Modern Kung Fu now often includes ten belt levels.



Filial Piety





Notable Names

Samuel Slater
John D. Rockefeller
Madame C. J. Walker
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Office Computers Small Business

Vera Wang

Eric Yuan

Xiong Yan

Gary Locke

Bowen Yang